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Where Theater Welcomes You Home

Oil Lamp Theater is an award-winning sixty-seat storefront theater located in the heart of downtown Glenview. We produce a Main Stage theatrical season and offer special events such as our Speak Easy Nights.

When you arrive at the theater, you are personally welcomed into our lobby featuring warm décor and comfortable seating, reminiscent of a home. Our full bar is open an hour before Main Stage shows, and as an added treat, complimentary cookies await you! Our theater's intimate space and ambitious productions connect the audience and performers to create a truly unique experience.

We can't wait to share it with you.

A Photo of a man and woman outside in the snow. From the production Almost, Maine.

Mission Statement

Oil Lamp Theater provides a grand theatrical experience in an intimate space by fostering connection, broadening horizons, and shining a light on the human condition.


Company founder Keith Gerth began the theater in February 2005, originally staging 20 productions for up to thirty-five friends and guests at night in his condo in Chicago. In March 2012, we were incorporated as a nonprofit and established a new location in downtown Glenview, fitted with warm décor and comfortable seating, reminiscent of a home. Oil Lamp produced 53 shows over the next seven years, reaching 10,000+ patrons per year and earning “Best Live Theater in the North Shore” for four consecutive years. At the start of 2020, Keith Gerth retired, and shortly after, the pandemic began. Despite these major changes, Oil Lamp sprung into action and organized a drive-in for a fully-produced solo show, hosted outdoor concerts, and built an outdoor venue for two full productions. Seeing the impact we made and our ability to conquer any challenge, we returned to indoor programming with a renewed vision. Oil Lamp now produces a dynamic Main Stage Season, Speak Easy Nights, a Women on Wednesdays series, and seeks to continue investing in our connection with the community.

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