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Women on Wednesdays

April 17, 2024 @6:30pm

Featuring guests Jeanne & Verdant Nolan

Welcome to Women on Wednesdays at Oil Lamp Theater, a playfully creative gathering of connections and conversations featuring women who are living their best life personally and professionally.

This is a free event, but donations are welcome. All donations go towards expanding our Women on Wednesdays community and supporting future events at Oil Lamp Theater.

Jeanne & Verdant Nolan cherish their time together sharing & practicing Spiritual Ecology. Their path began in 1994 on a communal farm with a shared love of the Earth & a commitment to changing the world. In 2005 they focused their efforts as eco-entrepreneurs, creating and growing The Organic Gardener. Jeanne is the author of From the Ground Up: A Food Grower’s Education in Life, Love & the Movement that’s Changing the Nation. They created Transformation Station as a sacred space to cultivate and share their soul-nourishing practices with their community.

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