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Story Jam Presents: Story Serenade

Friday July 26 7:30-9:00

Part of Oil Lamp Theater's Speak Easy Night Series

Story Serenade features true, personal stories in the spirit of "The Moth," but with the added component of IMPROVISED SONGS! Brilliant songwriter Xoe Wise responds to each story with musical humor, wit, and poignancy. In a spirit of entertainment, Story Serenade creates community and joy with storytellers from all over Chicagoland, plus our improvising musician Xoe Wise, and longtime producer/performer and north shore resident Stephanie Rogers.


Rives Collins

Nestor Gomez

Rose Leisner

Carmenita Peoples

Jasmin Cardenas

NOTE: There will be a fun open mic option for select audience members to share a one-minute story of their own!

Ages 16+ are recommended as the stories might contain adult themes.

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